Chef Kang has combined Latin flavors with Korean traditional twist. Prime short beef ribs, pork loin , boneless chicken, tripes and shrimp are marinated in authentic Korean BBQ style to achieve perfect fusion tacos.

Full flavor fusion was achieve by obtaining traditional Korean BBQ flavors combined with keeping authentic Pico de Gallo and spicy Latin based sauces. It’s unlike any taco available anywhere, it’s simply amazing.
  • Spicy Braised Prime Beef Rib Taco

    By using traditional Korean method of braising ribs, Chef Kang has mastered the perfect combination of juiciness, tenderness and authentic Korean spicy kick.

  • Galbi / Beef Taco

    Bulgogi style marinade is used with slight sweetness of Korean BBQ flavors. Prime short ribs are cut into small size pieces and marinated in soy/garlic based Korean marinades. If you are a Korean BBQ lover, this selection is highly recommended.

  • Korean Pastor Taco

    Tender pork loin is thin sliced , marinated in slight spicy Korean red pepper sauce, grilled to perfection for that unique Korean style pastor taco.

  • Korean Tripas Taco

    Love by many Koreans, Chef Kang took tripes to another level by taking multiple culinary cooking steps to create exquisite Korean style Tripas taco. Slightly sweet and full of Korean BBQ flavors. Stirred fried kimchi are recommended as a topping.

  • KBBQ Chicken Taco

    Boneless tender chicken leg meat are marinated in bulgogi flavor sauce. Grilled on high heat for juiciness and tenderness. Simple but packed with full Korean BBQ flavors.

  • Spicy Shrimp Taco

    Shrimps are marinated in Chef Kang Special spicy red sauce. Prepared on hot grill to achieve seafood lover’s paradise taco. This is not ordinary shrimp taco you tried before, addictive Chef Kang shrimp taco is just simply amazing.

K Burrito

If burritos are your choice, you will not go wrong with any choice of meats.
Packed with grilled veggie, kimchi fried rice and just right amount of Pico de Gallo make fulfilling menu choice. Topped with spicy salsa makes it a perfect meal.

Mega Nacho

Topped with choice of your meat, nacho cheese, jalapeños, Pico de Gallo, sour creme, stirred fry kimchi and option for more.
Perfect sharing meal for friends and family.